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 Nickname: The Tricolors

Team Colors: Green, White, and Red

Coach: Hugo Sanchez

Top Scorer: Jared Borgetti

Founded: 1927

Championship Titles: World Cup 
Appearances: 13 (First in 1930) 
Best result: Quarterfinals, 1970 and 1986 
Appearances: 8 (First in 1991) 
Best result: Champion, 1993, 1996,
1998, 2003, 2009
Copa America
Appearances: 6 (First in 1993)
Best result: Second place, 1993, 2001
Confederations Cup
Appearances: 5 (First in 1995)
Best result: Champion, 1999

Historic Facts: Mexico has qualified for 12 World Cup tournaments - more than World Soccer powerhouses, England and France

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